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Welcome to EpicDM where we simplify everything. We buy top rated SEO, Facebook and other related marketing software then write reviews that inform your buying decision making. Our aim is simple, we want you to benefit from spending your hard earned cash wisely. Don't dive into buying the latest money making software, course or affiliate marketing product before reading one of our reviews. We do more than review the latest marketing software products, we create implementation plans that anyone can follow. These are step by step tasks (no steps missed) to get the best from your course or product. 

We Review The Big Product Launches

You can spend your money buying the latest launched product or you can do the smart thing and wait to make an informed decision. We cover the biggest SEO, Amazon and Facebook launches, including the best WordPress plugins to help with your website traffic and conversions. Looking for search engine optimization service? Click here to visit London SEO.


What we do is simple; we buy the products,, use them and provide with a review that answers two basic questions "Does this work" and "How". We buy these software products and information courses so you don't have to. We cover product launches about:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • ​YouTube
  • ​SEO 

What You Need More Than a Review?

It's very simple, we believe by providing the best implementation (Step by Step) plan on getting the best out of the latest product launch we will save you money. We love building plans so that's what we do. We give you an insight into what is working right now through our reviews and back that up with step by step plans that guide you through your course or product. We know you buy it, try it out for a couple of days and the move on the next big thing right? If you are going to buy it, we show you how to use it properly because we a just like you.

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We will be updating our website with a lot more information about the latest product launches until then here is an epic look back at some great launches